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Buying Bitcoin is great but it is not the only way to earn Bitcoin. Granted, buying is the easiest and fastest method though. As crypto currencies gain in popularity, new ways of earning them keep emerging. For instance, you can now earn Bitcoin by performing microtasks on some websites.
Here are 4 clever ways to earn Bitcoin:

Bitcoin lending

Instead of just letting your Bitcoins sit idly in your digital wallet, you can grow them through lending. The concept is simple – you lend to people who want to do some online project and they pay you back with an interest. However, some borrowers are out to scam people so you have to be extra careful when choosing a project to fund.

Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading is another clever way to earn Bitcoin. It entails buying Bitcoin when the prices are dropping and selling when the prices rise. Before you start trading, take some time to learn how to study charts. Trading blindly is dangerous as you might end up losing all your investment. But if you are armed with information, you can potentially bank some tasty profits.


Mining Bitcoins is not for novices. It takes time and it is also resource intensive. You will need to purchase specialized mining hardware before you get started. Websites that promise you overnight success using your regular computer are probably Ponzi schemes out to fleece you. But if you can afford to invest in the special hardware, mining is a great way to earn Bitcoin.

Work and get paid in Bitcoin

There are all kinds of tasks you can do online and get paid in Bitcoin. Examples of services you can offer include software development, graphic design, web design, internet research, mobile app development, social media management, etc. Coinality. com is a great resource to find such work opportunities.

The thing to remember if you want to earn Bitcoin is that easy money is an oxymoron. Steer away from websites that promise instant and guaranteed returns on Bitcoin because those are mostly scams. Earning Bitcoin legitimately will take some effort but that effort should be worth it in the long run.