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Cryptocurrency as a Hedge Against Inflation: An Exploratory Overview
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6 Catalysts That Could Skyrocket Bitcoins Price

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6 Little Known Cryptocurrency Market Facts

The cryptocurrency market has shot up astronomically in 2017 alone driven by the unbelievable rise in prices of most cryptocurrencies. The market is still in its nascent stage with many people trying to come to get their head around how it works, the best way to trade, how to...

5 Key Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Bitcoin

The world of digital currencies is growing rapidly with Bitcoin leading the charge. The concept of crypto currencies has taken centre stage more recently with growing awareness driving interest from investors. Whilst Bitcoin actually came into existence over a decade ago, it only started making headlines in early 2013....

4 Clever Ways To Earn Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is great but it is not the only way to earn Bitcoin. Granted, buying is the easiest and fastest method though. As crypto currencies gain in popularity, new ways of earning them keep emerging. For instance, you can now earn Bitcoin by performing microtasks on some websites....

6 Key Milestones in Bitcoin Price History

In less than 10 years, Bitcoin has evolved from concept to a niche digital currency and is now making bold strides in becoming a globally accepted currency. It’s always a good idea to understand what you are investing in. The Bitcoin price history has certainly been an exciting one...

Cryptocurrency as a Hedge Against Inflation: An Exploratory Overview

Inflation, the gradual increase in the price of goods and services over time, can erode the purchasing power of a currency and impact the financial stability of individuals and economies. Cryptocurrency, while a relatively recent innovation, has garnered attention as a potential tool for fighting inflation. In this article,...

4 Ways FOMO Is Driving The Crypto Coin Market

Reports from Bank of America indicate that $32. 3 billion dollars were funneled towards exchange-traded funds (ETF) in just one week in February this year. This is the largest inflow reported since 2002 into the coin market. Experts believe the excitement is as a result of the rising fear...