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7 Interesting Facts About Bitcoin Cryptocurrency History

Some call it «the people’s currency» while others call it a «tulip bulb» and «a fraud.» But most people are not adequately informed about the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. In this article, we try to shed more light on what it is and is not. The following are 7 interesting facts...

Synergy between Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency are two cutting-edge technologies that have been making waves in various industries. Their combination has the potential to bring about significant advancements in finance, trading, security, and more. In this article, we will explore how AI and cryptocurrency are converging and the implications of...

6 Powerful Factors That Will Influence Bitcoin Value In The Future

Bitcoin is arguably the leading virtual currency whose price is influenced by many factors that determines the bitcoin value. Ideally, the exchange rate of this digital currency relative to other currencies determines the overall market value. Bitcoin has seen an upsurge in its adoption and usage in the last...


Myth 1: Cryptocurrencies are a scam. Many people think cryptocurrencies are the biggest scam in the world. This is far from accurate. In fact, blockchain, as noted earlier, disrupts intermediate players. That is why the current doorkeepers shout “scam” – they are the ones who will get disrupted. Look...

Countries at the Forefront: Developing Their Own Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have disrupted traditional financial systems, and their potential benefits have not gone unnoticed by governments around the world. As a result, several countries are actively pursuing the development of their own digital currencies, often referred to as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). In this article, we’ll take a...