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5 Fascinating Facts About Cryptocurrency Mining

Bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies come into existence when miners solve complex algorithms and new blocks are added to the blockchain. Cryptocurrency mining rewards the miners with new coins for solving the complex problems. They can trade these coins on the crypto exchanges or hold them as a long-term...

Risks Associated with Storing Cryptocurrencies on Exchanges: What You Need to Know

Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity as digital assets with the potential for significant returns on investment. Many individuals and traders use cryptocurrency exchanges to buy, sell, and trade digital currencies. While exchanges provide a convenient way to manage cryptocurrencies, they also come with inherent risks. In this article, we will...

5 Important Indicators When Looking At Cryptocurrency Charts

It takes an experienced trader to trade cryptocurrency charts naked (without indicators). If you are a beginner, you need to add some indicators on your charts. These indicators will tell you where to enter a trade, where to cut your loss and where to take profits. However, indicators shouldn’t...

5 Interesting Facts About Total Crypto Market Cap

Crypto market cap is the most accurate way of knowing the size of a cryptocurrency. The crypto market cap (capitalization) is calculated by multiplying the circulating supply with the current price. These prices are derived from the respective digital currency websites. Here are 5 interesting facts about total crypto...

5 Key Behaviours Of A Bitcoin Millionaire

It is not clear how many millionaires Bitcoin has made over the years – but they are a good number. In fact, anyone that spent at least $10 on Bitcoin 10 years ago would be a millionaire by now. So are there any common characteristics that each Bitcoin millionaire...

5 Key Differences between Bitcoin Currency and Fiat Currency

Most people don’t really understand how bitcoin currency differs from the normal fiat currency. Most unwittingly assume it is just the same except that bitcoin is digital. But there is nothing further from the truth – bitcoin and fiat are as different as night and day. Yes, both are...